Bring your home to your phone

Your home is 100% ready to be SMART. Just a few steps:

By using the Smart Video Unit you get

  • All the features of a video concierge on your smartphone
  • Answer a call
  • Communication
  • Opening the lock
  • Calling home

With smart switches, you get exciting new features

  • Lighting control via smartphone
  • Time functions
  • Saving your favourite scenes
  • Central functions (switch off all lights from one place)

Save up to 37% energy with Smart Heads

  • Temperature setting for each zone
  • Creating a heating plan
    • Turn down the heating when I’m not at home
    • Set nighttime dimming for heating
    • Turn on the heating before you come home from work or holiday
  • Open window detection
  • Consumption analysis and clear graphical display of consumption
  • Automatic user behaviour analysis and prediction program

Even roller blinds can be smart

  • Setting the roller blinds to automatically open or close at sunrise or sunset
  • Setting the roller shutter mode depending on the weather outside. E.g.: if the temperature is high outside, close the roller blinds

Full offer -15%

Dopyt - Eurovea EN

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